"By the goblin man! Do they have a hole in the sail? No SPIEL in Essen this year?"
"Yes, but the scoundrels around Captain Klocke have planned a big haul on ther ship "Black Livestream"!"

The Spiel, as we know and love them, is cannceled for this year. We won't be able to burp at the stand, exchange sailor's yarn, brag about our latest forays, play and laugh together.

By the wooden leg of my great-great-uncle third degree! BUT!

We'll see each other, we'll play together, paint, laugh, cry... maybe even burp - but all at savety distance.
On the weekend of the Spiel from Friday 23rd till Sunday 25th October 2020 we will put together a programme for you like you have never experienced before.

We stream live on Youtube and have a lot of plans for you:
- The release of the shadows with the ideas of the individual characters
- Live presentation of the fair Mini - LIM 021 I...
- Questions and answers
- Freebooters Fate Games LIVE with Dennis from DICED
- Magabotato as guest
- Special fair offers
- The crew paints the shadows live - Speedpainting
- What comes next
- Interviews with the crew
- Galley brunch
- And much more

The exact and detailed schedule will be posted on the Black Swan's information board about 1 week before the event.

So get your rum to disinfect the vocal chords

more here.

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