Ahoi pirates,

now is the time! Cast off for the shadow power! Suitably to the dark season a new faction appears in the firmament.

But ladies first:

For the 10th anniversary of Freebooter's Fate we have a very special limited edition miniature for you: Isabella, the lost founder of the brotherhood!


Isabella Inizia tries to escape from the shadow world through the saving door on a small diorama base. She can be hired as a mercenary by all crews - except the shadows. However, she has a dark side, called Isabella Caduto, which can even be hired for the Shadows.

Because now they are here - the shadows!  

In "Tales of Longfall #6: Schatten" you will find all the rules, new special rules and properties, a dark bunch of new shadow characters and a first "Shadow Scenario" to start right away.

For the new team of shadows there are also new equipment and events. Because the Shadows are different from us and very strange.

The matching shadow starter box is of course a must:


It is also still possible to hire:

The shadow of Moby Dugg: Evil Moby! Simply impressive and a specialist for the shadows.

Reavers, the deckhands for the Shadows, are not just copies of the citizens of Longfall - they are almost better.

Wisps are deckhands for the  Shadows that can only appear on the playing field by invocation or vaporisation in smoke. That's interesting! You can never have enough of them, because...

....the Soulherd, a specialist for the Shadows, drives them together and he miraculously increases their numbers. 

Of course one thing must not be missing on your playing field: Shadow Portals! They can be opened for a short time to conjure up a shadow or to pass through it.

And for all those of you who want to mark the shadow force on the playing field: Shadow force markers! Unimagined small and chic little helpers made of blackened glass.

All new items are available!

Your Freebooter Team

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