Ahoy holiday pirates!

To make sure you have a good time over the holidays, we have some nice new figures for you at the end of the year. We will be shipping until 23 December before we take a short holiday between the years. We will start again in the new year on 5 January.

The Shadows get their second leader - the Animalistic Force. She is fast, and where she strikes, no grass grows - neither green, nor brown, not even black shadow grass!

* * *

And then there is the Gate Warden. He doesn't seem to come from the shadow world and definitely doesn't belong in our world. A strange creature and yet extremely useful; and here, too, the opponent has a grass problem!

* * * 

And the shadows need more Deckhands - here are the Crawlers. Nimble melee fighters who can even walk through walls.

* * *

We can offer you the two bundles from the City of Longfall series again! But the delivery will only take place from Wednesday 16 December - unfortunately our supplier has some difficulties. We are very sorry for this.


* Black Swan Set!

* * *


The new 10 Years of Freebooter's Fate doubloon * and the Imperial doubloon ** are also available for purchase individually - while stocks last.


* "It's clearly a commemorative coin for the 10th anniversary of Goblinopolis!", shouts Revlugg energetically!

** The doubloons can also be redeemed for an instant discount at our stand - as soon as we are allowed to again.

*** Between the years is a way of talking here in Germany. It is the time between Christmas and New Year.

All offers are subject to change and available while stocks last.

Your Freebooter Team

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