Ahoy pirate bunch,

after the German carnival we open our treasure chest for the February new releases.




Swallow is the last of the new characters for the ELTC from the Tales of Longfall 2 - Corporate Piracy expansion. As a Mercenary she fights for all crews. She carries lots of pistols, making the necessity to reload a rarer thing to happen and is a mercenary lieutenant, with some authority over her peers.

It seems we are currently fond of animals. After crocodile Cesar last month we now have animal handler Tipo Duros and his Mastin dogs for you. With these specialists for the Imperial Armada we also make the wish of a long and loyal fan coming true. But nonetheless - all Imperial Armada players will love those dogs, who are really nasty in close combat.






Apart from miniatures. we also have a new Freebooter mug to offer. This time it's night black and with a new design.









In addittion we have added new 4 Ground Ruins to the shop, among them a really big blasted tower.










All news are available now.

Your Freebooter Team

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