Ahoy dark pirates,

The Shadows come silently and secretly. We have the brand new starter set with us at the Tactica in Hamburg!

And - the set will also be available here in the shop on the Tactica weekend, from 15th to 16th February...pssst...don't tell anyone.

The rules and character cards are included in the Beta v1.9 version. There are also more character cards included for testing. Rules available for download from next week. Send us your feedback. The final cards will be released in October.

The delivery of the orders here in the shop will take place from 20th February. Only while stocks last!

Your Freebooter Team

Ahoy pirates,

short February, short news:

Asqueroso's right hand is already at his side. But what about the left? Le Gauche with his cursed musket paves the way for all mystics.

Of course it doesn't take long before a Cazador appears on the scene and mercilessly persecutes the cultists.

Or shouldn't he better hunt something else?


...the shadows are coming! At the Tactica* in Hamburg! The characters of the shadow starter box can be purchased there*, including a beta version of the rules and character cards. Send us your feedback. The final cards will be released in October.

*Pssst: On the Tactica weekend, from 15th to 16th February they will be available here in the shop for a short time... pssst... don't tell anyone.

Only while stocks last!

All new products are available immediately.

Your Freebooter Team

Ahoy New Year's Pirates - We set the sails!

Even if the crew is still hungover, we are sailing full speed ahead.

The character cards for all "old" limited characters and for the Legends are online - 3 pages with downloads!

German language for now - but see the schedule for March...


The Roadmap* for the first quarter of 2020: 

January 2020

AMA 026 Cuamitzli

PIR 030  Drunken Ivar 

COL 007 & 008  two different floors - fitting all Cabañas!



Februar 2020 

IMP 034  Cazador - resculpt

MYS 027  Le Gauche

COL 009 Walls

+ pre-release at the Tactica convention in Hamburg: Our new crew - the starter box "Shadows"!

More info and pictures soon.



März 2020 

MYS 028  Finka - Cult and Brotherhood

COL 010  Cabaña La Tanda

+ Kickstarter planned for the English edition of Freebooter's Fate 2nd edition!


We are looking forward to the further journey with you!


* As experience has shown that there can be delays in the individual production steps, we must reserve the right to make changes.

** ... and all who will be in 2020 ... and actually: all of you!

Ahoy pirates,

let's start the new year with our splendid news:

Quamitzli is an Amazon who always manages to sneak behind her opponents.


Drunken Ivar is new in town and has difficulties - good that there is a solution! But in his brighter moments he is quite powerful!

Two new floors for all Cabañas. A New Y.. er... Longfall skyline is no longer a problem - it's also necessary because the air down in the alleys is very thick and dangerous.



All new products are available!


Your Freebooter Team

Ahoy there, figure pushers,

also in this buccaneer year we have to bury our treasure chest with the many new figures and games for safety on a secret island - shore leave is on the agenda! We visit the monkey theatre, let the jungle blossoms give us crazy thoughts, drink mulled wine, go on the palm and sing Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

But before we grow sea legs, we come back on board in the new year with dry starfish in our empty pockets and weigh anchor for a new round trip around the sun.

We thank you for the past year for your loyalty and wish you a pirate Christmas and an exciting turn of the year into the new decade.


In the time from 23th December 2019 till 6th January 2020 there will be no shipping of goods - the crew is on shore leave!

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