Ahoy there, pirate bunch,

There are three new miniatures in November: 

Belette is a debonnish life artist and specialist who is supported by his two weasels Gauchi and Friponne.

Fonogra is a gifted singer - if you ask the goblins!

This year's limited figure is a swashbuckling mercenary: Hanna Solare! She fights for all crews and is limited to 1000.

Please note: All new characters will be delivered with the German character cards for the 2nd edition. The second edition is compatible with the first and the German language rule book will be released in December.

The English language character cards will soon be made available as a download unless they are attached to the characters.


Special prices for FF 013 Battles and SPE 002 Wolfgangs Mortar School.

Restock of card deck boxes in cool colors by Ultimate guard 

All new items are available immediately.

Your Freebooter Team

Wow, what a time - two great fairs in just two weeks! Thank you all - it was so much fun. A special thank you to the great team, always with fun and good mood for energetic support! Werner Klocke

Our releases for end of this week:

LIM 019 Hanna Solare

DEB 017 Belette

GOB 032 Fonogra.

In early December we have for you:

FF 023 Freebooter's Fate Rulebook 2nd Edition, German language Edition

FF 025 Freebooter's Fate Gaming cards deck 2nd Edition, bilingual

FF 026 - 033 Character cards decks, one for each crew, German language edition

SOL 031 Cortante



Ahoy there, pirate bunch,

the September news arrived. Now put your sunglasses down and greet our Specialist of the Pirates: Defty Jim!

All new items are available immediately.

Your team of Freebooter Miniatures!

This will be the next shows we are attending: 

In February you will find us at Tactica in Hamburg, 16th and 17th February 2019.

We will not be complete without visiting Salute in London on April 6th 2019.

A new convention - EulenCon in Wesel, 16th till 18th August 2019.

We are looking foreward to see you!

Ahoy your holiday pirates,

See what booty awaits you this month.

A new specialist and MWP* for the Amazons: Tepoloa.

All products are available now.

Sincerely your Freebooter Team

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