Ahoy Pirates!

Well, that's a nice surprise for holiday season!

The Cabaña Òrdago comes with an annex, several balconies and a grand staircase. The large terrace invites you to linger - of course the clever pirate can also take cover behind the thick wall.

Señor Fluffy Kitten - Cats have 9 lives say the people in Longfall. They are right!

In order for order to prevail in the street of Longfall, the Cazador guards must also go on patrol. At least in one half of the city.

The waters around Longfall don't freeze over. Not even in winter! The chic Acalco invites you on a boat trip, doesn't it?

All novelties are available immediately.

Apros pos - the last treasure chest will be shipped on Friday, 20th December. The team has shore leave until the 5th of January 2020!

We wish you a happy pre-Christmas season!

Your Freebooter Team

"Ahoy there people who prefer to have their rules for card-based fun and mayhem in English!

The long-ish, fancy version:

You may have noticed that we released the long-awaited English-language version of the second edition of Freebooter's Fate on the weekend. You may also have noticed that we called it the "bare bones" version and that it is an online download. And so many of you have wondered (and asked us) what you have to do to get your eager mitts on the juicy, meaty, full-fat print version. The one with all the pretty pictures, dramatic stories, witty comments, boaty bits, more scenarios etc.

Well, the good news is that there will be something like that and that you will be able to get it. The slightly less good news is that you will have to wait just a wee bit longer.

Arrr! (in English)

The Freebooter Team"

Btw- here it is - 2nd edition bare bones online!


I would like to thank you and all the helpers that we had such a great event!

It is always a great pleasure to meet you, to talk shop and to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere at the show... and game. And of course a very special thanks to all helpers for their tireless support and the good mood!

Hats off!



Comming soon - Señor Fluffy Kitten. 


Ahoi Pirates,

right after SPIEL we are going to Crisis in Antwerp and we have a lot of new items for you!

This year we start with our limited edition miniature the mercenary Anqui. A former Amazon with a passion for black powder weapons - big ones above all!

Victor Droiture - a handsome Debonner gentleman in best shape and age. Only for some he has an unpleasant profession, because he is a very dogged and ambitious inspector. ... well, in Longfall everybody should be careful of him.

 And Longfall continues to grow rapidly: with the half-decayed Ruined Cabaña Derumbar!  Do I hear rum? Was this a rum bar? One should quickly think about a reconstruction!

All new products are available now!

The best at the end: 2nd edition rules in English language ... bare bones! Available on Saturday on Wargames Vault.



Your Freebooter team

Ahoy Pirates! 

Dear audience! Although the immense preparations for the fantastic, fulminant and extremely multifaceted Spiel'19 in Essen required our special efforts, we are in the fortunate position of being able to offer you! - and only you all alone! - an exquisite selection of exquisite novelties! Milagroso, the miracle doctor.

Equipment and events are the salt in the soup - they're just part of Freebooter's Fate! There's a big pile of them in the new pack.


A very interesting character - Mouvait Goût brings out only weird sounds, but he lets the Debonner march to true deeds of glory to his beat!

All new products are also available at Spiel'19 in Essen. Visit us in hall 6, booth F 101.

We also have many new buildings for the City of Longfall with us - the ruined Cabaña Derumbar, a big Cabaña Órdago, Señor Flauschkätzchen - call him Fluffy Kittens, a preview of the new crew and ...


... much more...

Your Freebooter team

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