Ahoy pirate bunch,

in January we have decided to start with two highlights from Tales of Longfall #2 - Corporate Piracy.




Eugenie is a Mercenary, who fights for all crews. She enhances morale and melee strength of your crew and can only be attacked by the most stalwart of her opponents.

Madame Gorgonne and Cesar are Mercenaries, who don`t fight for the Imperial Armada. Gorgonne is a mystic, who has power over the domain of the Wild and controls the crocodile Cesar, who feels at home in murky and wet terrain and is the strongest animal combatwise we have released so far. 







Both products are available now.

Your Freebooter Team

Ahoy pirate bunch!

Before we present our December new releases, we would like to draw your attention to our December special deal, where we give away three random miniatures from our collector's series for free to every order of at least 100 Euro! This special offer is available during the whole of December.




But now let's mov eon to our new miniatures - this time not only taken from Corporate Piracy:

Liname is a Mercenary, who doesn't fight for the Goblin Pirates, the Cult and the Brotherhood. Being a blade dancer she seeks to come into melee, 

Ahoy harbor masters!



As most of you might have guessed, after we have come back from CRISIS our November News are ready to enter the high seas!

The English language version of Tales of Longfall #2 - Corporate Piracy is now ready to hit the shelves. So the gold rush in Longfall can be played worldwide.








Miniatures-wise we have the next two characters from Corporate Piracy for you:

Wild Ox is a Mercenary, who doesn't fight for the Armada, Amazons and the Brotherhood. Onslaught is the word describing this hot blooded fella and his most important ability best - he charges into melee as fast as he can and spreads havoc and mayhem.

Senor Conejo also is fast - I mean really fast - but he avoids the heat of melee battle. He is so good with his musket, even while running at full speed, that he incites jealousy in every Imperial Armada Arquebusier he meets. He does not fight for Amazons and the Brotherhood.





As both Merc-fellas are not ladies men, they need to get their own reinforcements. Tamazolli is a specialist of the Amazons, who is quite at home in wet environments. With high jumps she can leap over other characters and go where the opponents suffers most. The stunning poison of her spear is really helpful for that.






But there is even more. Again we have added products from another manufacturer to our webstore. This time we added the fantastic Ware Piles and Barrels from Micro Art Studios, that are ideal for use as Bric-a-brac on your Freebooter gaming table, be it a harborside, a market place, a pirate hideout or an Imperial supply post.

Small Wooden Barrels

Medium Wooden Barrels

Large Wooden Barrels

Ware Piles #1

Ware Piles #2

Ware Piles Boxed Set


All news are available now.

Your Freebooter Team

Ahoy digital pirates,

unfortunately the news we have for you today is not a good one.

Due to economic necessities we and binary anarchy have decided to stop the Freebooter’s Fate App Companero on both platforms.

For now, this means, that you won`t get any updates of the app any more leaving it at the level of Tales of Longfall #1 (start of 2015).

In addition it is not possible for us to keep the IOS-version available in the app-store after the end of 2015. But take into account that the use of the app for users with the newest IOS-version is already greatly reduced due to some language issues.

The Android-version will stay in the Play Store for a while. If an Android – Update in the future brings up the same or other problems, like those in the current IOS version, we will also remove it completely, as we and binary anarchy only want to have products online that meet or standards.

Finally we want to say a big thank you to binary anarchy for working with us on this great project.

Thank you for your understanding.

Ahoy there, rumsniffers and grog-gluggers!


SPIEL is now over, we’ve taken on new supplies and so it’s time for the October new releases.

Tales of Longfall #2 – Corporate Piracy is the second campaign expansion booklet for Freebooter’s Fate and at the same time the pirate code for the ELTC’s mercenary crew. In addition to the four mercenaries from the starter box, whose tales are now finally being told, 34 pages await your perusal with 9 new characters and a 4-scenario-campaign which is set at the beginning of Longfall’s historic gold rush period.

The booklet is currently only available in German, but we are busily beavering away to make it available in English as soon as possible.






And never fear, there’s minis as well. First to jump from the pages of Corporate Piracy is Capitana Roja, a former pirate captain who was unable to resist the lure of gold. After Don Pavo, she is a second potential leader of a pure mercenary crew and carries a blunderbuss which fires either canister shot or solid shot.







Mercenaries love gold, and so the most important person in any such crew is the quartermaster. So you should have one as well. Farrador Barrigon is not the greatest fighter the world has ever seen, but he doesn’t have to be, because his weapon is money. On his notorious informal payroll are any amount of fighters of all ranks and from all crews. He can call on their services during a fight if needs be. Only the most honourable can withstand the temptation of his well-filled purses, and how many of those are left on Leonera?






But there was something else… Ah yeah, this year’s limited miniature or better the limited diorama depicting a zombie octopus attack is also available as of today. If the run on this little gem at SPIEL is anything to go by, the epic duel between Jebediá Bowyn and Victoria Innsfoot has all the makings of an instant classic.










Still not enough? All right then, last one for this month. Baron Conchita, our goblin thingy on a mystical cannonball can be ordered as of now but is exclusively available in our online shop.







And that’s enough with the groovy loot for one month, we think. All new releases are available as of right now. Go on, buy some nifty stuff to have fun with.

Your Freebooter Team

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