Ahoy pirates,

as from 1 July, the rate of value added tax will be reduced in Germany from 19 % to 16 % and from 7 % to 5 % respectively for six months - we would like to pass this saving on to you.

However, this is a great challenge for us traders. Normally, all price tags have to be renewed, cash register systems have to be converted and advertising has to be redesigned.

Fortunately, however, it is also possible to get an "invoice discount". In this case, the current price tags are retained and the discount is only deducted at the cart. We take advantage of this possibility and give you a discount of 3% on the invoice amount at the end of your purchase. So you save even more at the end of the day.

So you pirates out there: we wish you a nice holiday season and stay with us throughout the summer and play Freebooter's Fate !

You don't want to miss this!

On Friday the 03.07.2020 at 9pm it's time again - the next character for Freebooter's Fate will be developed together with you in the Live Stream!
The stream is in German labguage, but we will also be able to answer questions in English.

This time we have got reinforcements: our artist Florian Stitz will create and draw the character live according to your and our ideas!
And let's see what else we can do with the original artwork?
Website (work in progress): http://www.florianstitz.de/



We're out of rum!

Only a few half-starved rats still lurking between the pots. Everything else is empty. We've got to load provisions. "You've only got one day off! "You'll all be back on board in the morning. Understood?

That's easy for the captain to say. Is he thinking of the poor innkeepers and the nice barmaids?

That's why there's no shipping during the week of June 29th to July 5th. All requests, inquiries and orders will therefore take a little longer to process.

From July  6th 2020 all pirates, bucaneers and thingies will be back on board and will then start directly with the July news during the week!


Ahoy pirates,

oh how lovely May is, but for many a gimmick! To the tables ready to go:

The new Goblin starter box is here!! GOB 000-A

El Tata with his crew - also available separately - the characters from the new Goblins' starter box. El Tata with his beloved rifle Doña Mara he blows every target to 40 cm!

 Pezsierra. Hard hitting in melee.

 Goblin Geezer and Thugette! Reliable, but do not call her thug!

We also have a restock and new card boxes for you.




All products are available now.

Your Freebooter Team



Ahoy you thirsty pirates near and far!

Before you are dry and bored we sent this handsome Debonn Revisor Saintement to Leonera for you! He will keep you on your toes so that you'll act like his trained animals and grab everything that gets in your way.


Finally, something to drink! The Black Swan is here and you can forget all your worries and really let it crack... ...at least until Romerto comes and roughs it up.



All products are available now. 

Your Freebooter Team

Dear pirates! We wish you nice holidays and Happy Easter in spite of or because of the current situation! Our ship's rabbit has hopped off and has hidden some big eggs for you.

Easter egg search

Every day we hide an Easter egg in the products in our webshop. The pirate sniffer who finds it first will receive a voucher of 10 Euro*.

Please then send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately. Decisive is the date and time of the entry.


Healing hands!

For a purchase value of 50 Euros or more, you will receive one of the two healers for free: either Momma Cabada or El Curandero!

They should bring you luck and keep you healthy in the present time.



"Rules" for free

- some more sugar on top! Until the end of April you'll receive a short version of our basic rules "Bare bones online!" in German or English as a free download on Wargames Vault!




* The amount can be redeemed directly with your next purchase in our webshop. Unfortunately a cash payment is not possible.

** Valid for all orders received during the promotion period from April 10th to 19th 2020. Random selection and only while stocks last.




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