Vive la Debonn - Rentfort!

A fast and beastly Rentfort for the Grande Armee coming at you! 

Chevalier Calembour DEB 002 is a specialist from Debonn. The Chevalier and his ganache must be hired together and count as a specialist.

But beware his ganache - it is stubborn as a donkey! 

For further support comes from debonn new deckhands. Fusiliere#2 DEB 011 - you can't get enough of these deckhands. 

All products are available now.

Visit us at Spiel to see more exciting new stuff. October 26th till 29th, hall 6, stand D120. We are looking to see you! 

Sincerely your Freebooter Team

Vive la Debonn!  You pirates, light sailors and coastal boatmen, let's speak Freebooterfrench! 

Now put your sunglasses down and greet our new crew in Longfall: Debonn!


The Debonn Starter box contains a well-drilled crew that can put a lot of fire on the enemy when they work together.

• 4 highly-detailed metal figure kits. The leader Jeanne-Jaques Raynal, the specialist Taumata and two Fusiliers as deckhand characters.
• 3 special Equipment cards for Debonn
• English-language and German-language character cards and starter rules for Debonn.  


The crew consists of the leader Jeanne-Jaques Raynal DEB 001.

Taumata DEB 004 as the specialist. A more than passable melee.


And two Fusiliers DEB 003 as deckhands.


All products are available now.

Sincerely your Freebooter Team

Ahoy your coastal sailor,

Before you all go to see prick and sail around the world, here are your new companions!

Two pretty, feathered girls with a ball feel are just the right pastime. Tetecuinoa & Cuamotla are specialists of the Amazons and can significantly increase firepower with their passing play.


All products are available now.

Sincerely your Freebooter Team


Ahoy your holiday pirates,

See what booty awaits you this month.

This time, a specialist is coming, who can be hired for the cult or the Amazons. Her name: Yachakuq. She has cursed arrows with which she can shoot Loas!



We also paved the way for you ... with our new jetties. Our new Jetty comes as straight section and angle section.

They can be put together in endless combination, e.g. to create a large lagoon area.


All products are available now.

Sincerely your Freebooter Team


Ahoy your coastal sailor,

There is a new specialist for the Brotherhood!

His name: Cadena! Attention! It has a long arm property and can attack its enemies at a distance.



And now for your buddies too: The Mate deal and the Mystic Mate Deal goes online!


All products are available now.

Sincerely your Freebooter Team

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