Ahoy costal wanderers!

Specialists on the rise! The brotherhood will become two new specialists while the Cult gets one.

Viscero is a specialist for the brotherhood. He has a 360 ° field of vision. He can carry out assaults in his back and attack back, without having to turn around. 



A dark and sinister Lady: Johanna Weiss. She is a specialist, who can be hired for the Cult and the Brotherhood. The former Cazadora learned the dark art of invocation an weakens all enemies around her.


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Sincerely your Freebooter Team

Ahoy costal wanderers!

There are new characters for Freebooter's Fate.
The Amazons will get a new leader: Cauyacatl. Trained, resolute and with an amazing past. A master in dealing with the spear! And together with their Atl-Atls absolutely crushing.


The Imperial Armada gets a new specialist, Ranger Don Guillermo. A noble marksman with the eye of a hunter.



All products are available now.

Sincerely your Freebooter Team

Ahoy digital pirates,

unfortunately the news we have for you today is not a good one.

Due to economic necessities we and binary anarchy have decided to stop the Freebooter’s Fate App Companero on both platforms.

For now, this means, that you won`t get any updates of the app any more leaving it at the level of Tales of Longfall #1 (start of 2015).

In addition it is not possible for us to keep the IOS-version available in the app-store after the end of 2015. But take into account that the use of the app for users with the newest IOS-version is already greatly reduced due to some language issues.

The Android-version will stay in the Play Store for a while. If an Android – Update in the future brings up the same or other problems, like those in the current IOS version, we will also remove it completely, as we and binary anarchy only want to have products online that meet or standards.

Finally we want to say a big thank you to binary anarchy for working with us on this great project.

Thank you for your understanding.

Ahoy costal wanderers!

There are new characters for Freebooter's Fate and you can visit us at Tactica in Hamburg.  


The Amazons get reinforcements by the newly recruited Atl Atl. Often underestimated, they are nevertheless a strong addition for your Amazon crew.

An old acquaintance has joined the cult: La Bruja! Where else can she let off with her talents so well?


On 18 and 19 February you will find us at Tactica in Hamburg. We are looking forward to your visit and a nice chat with you!


All products are available now.

Sincerely your Freebooter Team

Website- and Shop Update – soon to come!

Ahoy pirate scum!

Each ship has to say farewell when it reached the end of its term of service. And so does this website, the forums and the online store. Since some weeks we are working hard on local servers. We are adjusting screws, test, adjust some screws again, retest everything, migrate data, accidentally lose data, find the data and store it in drawers.

You can see the result within the next weeks with 100% flavor and 50% more yeast. But we don’t want you to be groping in the dark, here are some information about the changes.

The Site

Expecting a spectacular, contemporary, extraordinary design? Sure that! Doh! And a search function FTW!

The Forums

Because our old forum software saw the light of the day together with Edward “Blackbeard” Teach, the last chance of data migration to a newer system was 1821. That’s why our goblin responsible for woodwork and computer science had to write a data migration script by himself. A restart using an empty forum is no option for us. Now we can import all users, threads and posts … just the uploaded photos will go down in the wake.

The Shop

Everything is new and so shiny! The new shop will feature the standard functions like “Me wants!” and “Give money!” but also shapely stuff like a wish list and related products.

The Password and other Sensitive Data

We might be pirates, but we aren’t villains! We can guarantee you that we acted very responsible while working on sensitive data. Because we don’t have, want or need any access to the clear text passwords, we just ask you to reset your password when logging in for the first time. Sounds fair, doesn’t it? Wink


Yes, you heard that right! There will be a community download area where you can upload all your house rules, self-tatted scenarios, campaigns, pepakura rum barrels and even blueprints for fake rubber hooks. Everything neatly sorted in categories. We will provide you a special fan-project package containing some guidelines and a special fan-project logo for you to use. Because we would like to control what gets uploaded on our servers, we will review each submission before publishing it.

We hope to see you soon on our new system!

Take care!

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