FF 034 Boats GER and E

Boat card deck expansion for use with 2nd Edition, German and English languages.

This deck is for those of you who would like to upgrade their existing boats to 2nd edition.


12 boat cards, 16 boat equipment cards and 9 event cards. The Freebooter's Fate FF 023 Rulebook #2 (German language) and the  FF 025 Game cards #2  are required for use of these cards.

Contains boat cards for:

BOT 001    Yola

BOT 002    Xalupa

BOT 003    Piñassa

BOT 004    Barkaza

BOT 005    Piraqua

BOT 006    Canoa


Boat equipment cards:

Ballista, Magazine for Balista, Boat mortar, Boat repair kit, Swivel gun, Bucket, Raised sides, Imperial oak, Wood drill, Rocket 2x, Naval ram, Smoke flares (G and E), Rope fenders, Barnacles


Event cards:

Navigationsfehler, Strudel, Blockiertes Steuerruder, Ich hab ein Leck entdeckt. Ätsch!, Nebelbank, Günstige Strömung, Paddel verloren, Ist das ein Hai?, Voller Bauch.

Price: 6.90 EUR
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