Freebooter's Fate

In this category you find all the Freebooter's Fate paperwork - nice and colourful books and various game cards.

In this category you find Starter boxes and all other core products needed to play Freebooter's Fate. If you are new to the world of Freebooter's Fate, these products are the perfect starting point for you.

Looking for some fat prey? You've come to the right place!

Our old Freebooter's Fate print products - full of suggestions, stories and still playable scenarios.

The Amazons are the embodiment of lethally graceful femininity. They have a close bond with their environment and live in harmony with the Earth Mother. Their home lies on a different island in a temple city surrounded by ruins, from where their hunters and warriors ventured forth in order to find and secure holy sites which had been lost to them. This gets them into unavoidable conflict with the largely patriarchal civilization which dominates Longfall.

The Brotherhood’s assassins are making their sneaky, silent and allegedly righteous way through the city’s dark underbelly in order to bring peace and stability back to Longfall. They are just as adept at political intrigue as they are at sticking poisoned daggers into unsuspecting backs.

Banished on a small, almost unknown island, on Désespérance. Drilled through decades of clashes in their homeland. Disfavored by the ever-changing new ruler in Debonn. Rundown and bored by the wasteland on their convict colony. The name says it all: Island of hopelessness. But they have managed to wake up from their lethargy. With a tactical feat, they have hijacked a supply ship and are now on their way to Leonera, because there shall be gold there, and thus their return to Debonn would not be far away.

Nobody took much notice of them while they were the Empire’s small, green, harmless and inconspicuous slave people. But then an Orc taught them how to fight and they threw off the yoke of slavery. By now everybody knows to watch out for the Goblin Pirates. Most recently, they conquered one of Longfall’s outlying districts and declared this “Goblinopolis”, the capital of their goblin nation.

The Imperial Armada is fighting for its very survival in Longfall. The deal with the ELTC and the resulting ruinous rates for supplies force it to act fast. Driven into the jungle by the pirates, they are getting pretty sick of life among the plants, havegot themselves re-organised and are preparing to take back Longfall.

After the first big rift in the pirate captains’ alliance, Captain Asqueroso had turned towards the Cult. This organisation is controlled by the mystic Sybiline who is guiding her followers to an as yet unknown goal. Since then, a steady stream of Cultists together with soulless Sansâmes and Cult-sympathising pirates has been emerging from Longfall’s dark corners, trying to grab power for the dark forces.

Driven by a sheer inexhaustible greed for riches and power (and rum), the Pirates have managed to establish themselves in former Puerto Alto and conquer a large part of the city. They are currently a major power. However, after the most powerful captains joined forces to drive the Imperial Armada into the jungle, cracks are beginning to appear in the façade of that fragile alliance.

Rumours abound in Longfall about secret treasures and vast hoards. Occasionally, individual, gold-hunting Mercenaries can be spotted in the ranks of some crews. These soldiers of fortune have usually been instructed by the ELTC to find the truth behind the rumours. Because there seems to be far too much smoke for there to be no fire, the ELTC is now assembling a crew of guns for hire to secure an early monopoly in the exciting new business area of natural resource relocation.

Our new series of typical structures of Longfalls Roads.

Comming soon!

Centerpieces for every collection! Rare treasures available in a limited edition only! And some even have rules for Freebooter's Fate!

Ammo counters, Zombie Octopuses, Dodos, various guns and rifles, our figure case, the wind rose, templates and all the other shiny stuff you need to play Freebooter's Fate the right way.

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