3. October 2023

AMA 000-A Amazon starter box

31,90  inkl. MwSt

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Sculpted by Israel Delgado Laborda and Justyna Bien, painted by Benjamin Torres

Boom, boom, badabummm resounds through the jungle at the gates of Longfall – Cihuachi and her crew have arrived on Leonera. Cihuachi is a nimble ranger who can rain down a hail of arrows on enemies with her blowpipe. Temazcalli is very mystical with her spirit weapon and choral singing. She is also a formidable healer with herbal lore. The Atl-Atl and the temple guard are the necessary and heroic deckhands.

You can find more information in the expansion:  Die Mannschaften 2, German Edition


  • AMA 028  Cihuachi , Leader (80 Doubloons)
  • AMA 029 Temazcalli, Specialist (70 Doubloons)
  • AMA 030-a  Atl-Atl, Deckhand (45 Doubloons)
  • AMA 030-b  Tempelwächterin, Deckhand (50 Doubloons)

Their combined hire fee is 245 doubloons

The box also contains quick start rules and all necessary character cards in German and English languages.

The miniatures are delivered unpainted and in individual parts and needs to be assembled.

When you buy this starter box, you save more than 20 % compared to the individual prices!

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