2. October 2023

ASS 016 Battitora & Harlequin

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Sculpted by Werner Klocke and Brother Vinni, painted by Guido Günther

“It’s us Battitores wot do all the hard work, know what I mean? I mean, look at it: someone needs roughing up? We does it. Someone owes the bosses money and needs a reminder all kindly-like?”

Battitores and Harlequins are Brotherhood deckhands. Battitores can suffer more pain than other Brotherhood deckhands and Harlequins carry throwing daggers and thus are the only Brotherhood deckhands with ranged weapons.

Books: Deep Jungle (Battitora), Freebooter’s Fate Rulebook (Harlequin)

Hire Fee: 45 Doubloons (Battitora), 55 Doubloons (Harlequin)
Max. Number per Crew: unlimited
Parts: 8

The miniatures come with character cards for Freebooter’s Fate.

They are supplied as unpainted kits and require assembly.

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