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Do you get annoyed about still having change left once you’ve hired your crew? Don’t you just hate those useless, leftover doubloons? Never enough for an additional deckhand, are they? Well. Remember those equipment cards we mentioned in the Basic Rulebook? They’re here! Arr! The ideal way of turning every last scrap of gold into fighting power on the battlefield. Innovative inventions, cunning curiosities, nasty, um, knickknacks and much more, at prices to suit every pouch or pocket. And because we were on a roll, we added a few new event cards as well.

A set of bilingual (German & English) game cards for kitting out your crews with. Neatly packaged in a wrapper of crinkly transparent foil.

The packet contains 42 equipment cards, 6 new event cards and detailed rules for using the equipment cards.

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