FF 009 Loa-/Invocation cards


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A mystic is a versatile asset on the battlefield, but what happens, if there are no Loas available that could answer to the mystic? Or if you are lacking the ingredients to successfully invoke a Loa? With the Loa- and Invocation cards this will never happen again!

This set is essential for the use of Mysticism and is required to use the power of Loas in your Freebooter’s Fate games. It includes two invocation card sets, a rule card of each Loa and some new mystical equipment cards – a total of 55 bilingual (German / English) game cards, neatly packaged in a wrapper of crinkly transpartent foil.

The deck contains: – 12 Invocation cards – 28 Loa cards – 15 mystical equipment cards

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