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Tales of Longfall is a series of campaign booklets for Freebooter’s Fate!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye, women, men and goblins, the gruesome tale of Ozelle the seriously sinister sansâmist. Hear ye of his mysterious mystical machinations which forced true love into the dark shadows. Hear ye also of his short-skirted assistant. Hear ye moreover of the courage of a simple woman who threw down the gauntlet at two worlds to save her one true love, who fought with cake and potions, with lead and steel.

Shiver, when bug larvae encounter octopuses. Shudder, when opening coffins awakens a mighty being from a deep slumber. Stiffen in fright, when spades meet skulls in combat. Rejoice, when a single clever head promises the hope of salvation. Pumpkins, floppy hats, swampy swamps, heart, courage and crunchy snacks.

A drama in five acts. Lead your crew to play its role in one of the most well-known tales of Longfall. Gather in La Noche de Brujas and help goodness and beauty triumph. And, of course, help yourself to gold and rum and lots of loot.

The booklet includes:

– a Freebooter’s Fate campaign with 5 brand new scenarios in a spooky environment

– new characters for all crews, including Mrs. Juanhijo and her husband Samuel

– a load of narratives and stories for all new characters and the events of the La Noche de Brujas

FF 010 Tales of Longfall 1 – La Noche de Brujas, Softcover, A4 with 32 pages, German Version.

“Tales of Longfall – La Noche de Brujas” is not a game in its own right, but rather a campaign expansion to Freebooter’s Fate. A copy of the Freebooter’s Fate Basic Rulebook FF 002 and the Mystic Spirits expansion rulebook FF 008, a pack of playing cards FF 003 and also for some content the Loa- and Invocation cards FF 009 are required to use the contents of this book.

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