26. November 2022

FF 013 Freebooter’s Fate Battles!


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Freebooter’s Fate “Battles!” is not a fundamentally new game. It’s a massively accelerated variant of the proven Freebooter’s Fate game mechanic. Freebooter’s Fate under full sails, so to speak.

You always wanted to play with more than 750 doubloons a side? But you found it dragged on too much and you didn`t have the time? That problem has now been solved! Freebooter’s Fate “Battles!” – new cards for even more action!


– a deck of 120 new battle cards

– 20 new, specially-tailored event cards. equipment cards and loa cards

– rules

A total of 140 cards for use with Freebooter’s Fate.

The Freebooter’s Fate rulebook, the Freebooter’s Fate game cards and, if playing with loas, the Mystic Spirits expansion book are required for use of these cards.


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