3. October 2023

FF 047 Die Kampagne, German

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The Freebooter’s Fate campaign allows you to play games in a group of several players over a certain period of time and use the experience and resources you gain to increase your crew’s reputation, improve your characters, gain new ones and ultimately become King of the Pirates.

But the way to get there is not easy. Special areas in Longfall and the surrounding area must be scouted, conquered and secured. The new, unique game mechanic of scouting determines which area you fight over – or if you even conquer it without conflict. Once you’ve done it, you can use the doubloons, glory points and other resources you’ve gained to hire new characters, send them to training to improve their attributes and traits, heal injuries, hire advisors and more.

The campaign can be played over a short or long period of time with as many players as you want. Play it as long as you feel like it or until a certain goal or a set number of campaign rounds have been played.

But who is the richest crew on Leonera? The one with the highest reputation? The one with the most territories in its possession? You decide!

Softcover A4 with 34 pages, German edition**

To run a campaign you need the FF 049 campaign cards – we recommend one deck of cards for each participating player.

“FF 047 The Campaign” is not a stand-alone game, but an expansion to Freebooter’s Fate. In addition to the figures, FF 024 Freebooter’s Fate 2nd edition Basic Rulebook* and a set of FF 025 Gaming Cards* are required to use the content.

* The English edition of the rulebook and the Gaming cards will be published in May.

** The English edition of this book will be published 4th quarter 2022.

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