27. September 2023

FF 049 Campaign cards, German

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What would a campaign be without campaign cards? Correct: like a fish without meat on its bones!

The Campaign Cards contain all the playing cards needed for a campaign. They include the special places, locations and structures of Longfall that you will be fighting over. The career cards allow you to advance rapidly with many upgrades to your characters. The advisors can be hired to give your crew the edge. The troop cards and bluffs let you scout out the territories, and the overviews make your campaign life easier.


52 career cards

32 territories cards

10 advisor cards

8 troop cards

2 bluffs and overview cards.

A total of 106 gaming cards for your campaign!**

The campaign cards are an expansion to Freebooter’s Fate and should be used in conjunction with the expansion FF 047 The Campaign.

“FF 047 The Campaign” is not a stand-alone game, but an expansion to Freebooter’s Fate. In addition to the figures, FF 024 Freebooter’s Fate 2nd edition Basic Rulebook* and a set of FF 025 Gaming Cards are required to use the content.

We recommend protective card sleeves for the cards, because such a campaign is long, full of privation and full of risks!

* The English edition of the rulebook will be published in May.

** The English edition of the Campaign cards will be published 4th quarter 2022.


Wir empfehlen zu diesem Artikel Schutzhüllen, denn so eine Kampagne ist lang, entbehrungsreich und voller Risiken!

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