29. September 2023

FF23 Basic rulebook, German

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Basic Rules 2nd Edition, German language edition

This book contains on 100 pages all basic rules for Freebooter’s Fate. Garnished with entertaining stories, an imposing cover by Zoltan Boros, numerous pictures of the miniatures and concept sketches, a handful of scenarios and many valuable advice. Also included are the boat rules and the rules for big characters. Grab the rules and an opponent and try it! You will like it. How could it be otherwise, with these ingredients: Tussling pirates! Scary goblins! Mysterious assassins! Skillful Amazons! Marching Debonner! Occult mystics! Steadfast Imperials! Tough mercenaries! Parrots! A world full of villains, scoundrels, heroes, ladies, femme fatales and much more. With a thousand wooden legs!

100 pages, full color A4, softcover, German language edition. Furthermore, a set of Gaming cards FF 025, a crew of figures and mates are needed to play Freebooter’s Fate.

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