27. September 2023

Longfall set


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Longfall is now a large town. You need a big set to fill up your table and play nice games.

The Longfall Set consists of a total of 10 individual sets: COL 001, COL 002, COL 003, COL 006, COL 007, COL 008, COL 009, COL 010, COL 011 and COL 014 – all at an unbeatable price!

You save more than 10 % compared to buying them separately.


10 Multi-part, unpainted Lasercut HDF kits in 28mm scale, which still have to be assembled.

Illustrated figures are not included and are only for size comparison. Colours and glue not included.  

Developed by Werner Klocke in cooperation with Micro Art Studio.

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