Mouth and nose protective mask


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Mouth and nose mask single layer, printed

For real buccaneers! – And those who wish to become one. This cool face mask attracts all eyes.

It is ideal to always have it in your handbag or work bag and to put it on quickly when needed.

    one size, ca. 18 x 15 cm
    Material: 250g/m² polyester stretch fabric (90% polyester, 10% elastane)
    single-ply fabric mask
    for private purposes
    Change in case of moisture penetration
    washable at 60° C

Important notes:

    no medical product, for private use only
    effective protection not proven
    No personal protective equipment
    Seam offset is possible
    not intended for use in the health care or nursing sector, as occupational safety or other protective equipment for protection against infections or other pollutants, such as fine dust

Instructions for use:

    Ensure correct positioning over mouth and nose, the mask must fit tightly around the edges
    Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap before putting on and after taking off or otherwise touching the mask
    Soaked masks must be removed and/or changed immediately
    Used masks must be stored in an airtight bag or similar or washed immediately

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Weight 5.5 kg

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