2. October 2023

SCH 026 Queen of Rats & Sinister Swarms

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Sculpted by Justyna Bien, painted by Sascha Bernhardt

She is a grotesque apparition: a once beautiful woman whose body has been assembled from hundreds of shadow rats. Piled up into a huge shape and wrapped in rags, she terrifies her opponents. She is a master of shadow power and can summon countless swarms of shadows to assist her.

The Queen of Rats is a leader of the shadows. She can split into 0-4 dark Sinister Swarms after being eliminated from the game. This set consists of the Queen of Rats herself and two Sinister Swarms.

Book: FF 040 Tales of Longfall #6 Shadow – German language

Hiring fees: Queen of Rats 135 doubloons, the first Sinister Swarm 0 doubloons and each additional + 10 doubloons.

Max. Number per Crew: Queen of Rats one & 0-4 Sinister Swarms

Parts: 10

Size: Queen of Rats 61mm and the Sinister Swarms 21/23mm height

The miniatures comes complete with all character cards for Freebooter’s Fate.

They are supplied as unpainted kits and require assembly.

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