31. May 2023

SOL 005 Brahyn

11,90  inkl. MwSt


Sculpted by Werner Klocke, painted by Jennifer Haley

She swung her sword in a glittering arc, opening a deep red gash across the man’s chest. He took one look at the fiery glint in her eyes and the fluid ease with which she handled that enormous weapon and ran for it.

Brahyn is a Mercenary who doesn’t fight for the Brotherhood and Goblin Pirates. No one can stand the furry of blows from her two-handed sword.

Book: Die Mannschaften FF 035

Hire Fee: 85 Doubloons
Max. Number per Crew: 1
Parts: 6
Overall Height: 37 mm
Height (Head to Toe): 30 mm

The miniature comes with a character card for Freebooter’s Fate.

It is supplied as an unpainted kit and requires assembly.

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