23. March 2023

SOL 012 Theresa

12,90  inkl. MwSt


Sculpted by Werner Klocke, painted by Sascha Bernhardt

Theresa was not quite done with her yet. Using the girl’s rage and fear, she sent out her mind and called a loa, showing him the fleeing girl’s weakened spirit form, calling him into her. He seemed only too happy to oblige. Then, just as the girl was about to turn the corner and vanish out of sight, Theresa had the loa make her take a step to the left.

Theresa is a Mercenary and a mystic, who doesn’t fight fort he Cult and the Imperial Armada when led by a Cazador. She has power over the domain of Benevolence and carries an one-shot rifle for emergency use with her.

Book: Die Mannschaften FF 035

Hire Fee: 50 Doubloons
Max. Number per Crew: 1
Parts: 5
Overall Height: 39 mm
Height (Head to Toe): 30 mm

The miniature comes with a character card for Freebooter’s Fate.

It is supplied as an unpainted kit and requires assembly.

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