30. September 2022

ZUB 023 Boat equipment #1


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Sculpted by Werner Klocke, painted by Franz Sander

Parts: 16

This product consists of:

4x Rope fenders (Boat equipment, Lengths of rope, artfully knotted into sausage-like construct. They hang over a boat`s side to dampen any impact)

3x Rocket (Equipment, only for Brotherhood, Cult, Goblin-Pirates)

2x Bucket (Boat equipment, Very handy when there is water inside the boat that you`d really rather was outside it.)

2x Smoke flares (Boat equipment, only for small boats and only for Brotherhood or Cult)

2x Emergency floatation device (Equipment, useful when a character is falling in the water)

1x Naval ram (Boat equipment, sometimes brute force os the only option)

1x Figurehead (Boat equipment, the boat and all passengers aboard it receive the spirituality trait)

1x Boat lantern (Boat equipment, lights of hope in the darkness)


Ideal for decorating boat or building dioramas.

This item is supplied unpainted.

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