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A lot of precious extra booty for you: Quick start rules and cards, rules for characters, crew calculator, monkey tokens and many more - all for free!

Our pdf rulebooks can be found at Wargame Vault (for sale) under the links below:

Freebooter’s Fate Rulebook PDF, English version

Deep Jungle PDF, English version

Mystic Spirits PDF, English version

Tales of Longfall I - La Noche de Brujas I, English version

Tales of Longfall II - Corporate Piracy, English version


Freebooter's Fate #1 Here you can find all the official free downloads!

From the fans for the fans! New characters, scenarios, crews, fiction and whatever you have imagined.

The authors of the content offered in this section for download are agreeing to the following Freebooter Miniatures Fanproject Guidelines and agree to abide by them.


Freebooter-Miniatures-Fanproject-Guidelines for the use of official Freebooter Miniatures & Material in private, non-commercial context:

We at Freebooter Miniatures are proud to have fans like you who let your own creativity free, enrich our forum and other platforms with new ideas, rule extensions, scenarios, characters, etc., and make them available to the whole gaming community. The following Freebooter Miniatures Fan Project Guidelines are designed to promote this enthusiasm whilst providing the necessary legal certainties for all parties involved. In addition, we would like to make it possible for you to give your contributions to our website their due attention by providing them as official Freebooter Miniatures Fan Projects for download.


Legal Situation

Freebooter Miniatures material may only be used with the permission of Freebooter Miniatures.

All text, graphics, trademarks, logos, artworks and layouts associated with official Freebooter Miniatures products are governed by copyright and other rights, trademarks and trade names, trade branding, numerous other intellectual property rights and competition laws protected. In the case of unauthorized use of protected material, Freebooter Miniatures expressly reserves the right to take legal action. You are not allowed to use our logos, images, trademarks or protected contents without our permission, for any purpose except, of course, expressly permitted by law, such as reviews, etc. We do not, however, categorically forbid everything; we have a few rules to make our proprietary material available for your non-commercial creations.


If you do not use the material commercially and you adhere to these rules, you can use in your own creations, our logos and create content based on the legally protected content of Freebooter Miniatures.

Non-commercial means you are not allowed to sell your material or demand other monies or money in return. If you do so, all of the permissions granted to our Fan Project Policies will be automatically revoked immediately. In the case of publishers and other persons active in the publishing business, commercial use is automatically assumed. In case of doubt, the written permission of Werner Klocke must always be obtained. This permission is always tied to the person collecting it and is not transferable. Freebooter Miniatures is completely free and sovereign in the granting of this permission, there is no claim to grant on the basis of precedents or similar.

The use of these policies does not alter Werner Klocke's intellectual property of any Freebooter Miniatures trademark and content and reserves the right to change or revoke this Agreement at any time. Changes to these guidelines are always posted on our website, so please check regularly whether something has changed.


Identification of your publication

Fan projects must be clearly recognizable as a fan project by means of a standard text:

Each fan project must include the following:

"This (website, rule extension, character values, scenarios or whatever may be true) uses trademarks and / or protected contents of Werner Klocke. He / she / it is provided free of charge and is not part of the official Freebooter Miniatures game environments and / or rules. He / she / it is a Freebooter Miniatures Fan Project and follows all the terms and conditions listed under the following link:


FREEBOOTER'S FATE is © and ® Werner Klocke 2010-2015. FREEBOOTER MINIATURES is © Werner Klocke 2010-2015. All rights reserved. Any use of these trademarks is permitted only with the prior written and written permission of Werner Klocke."

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