Welcome to a world filled with rum-soaked pirates, deranged goblins, sneaky assassins, enchanting amazons, and mysterious cults – Welcome to the world of Freebooter’s Fate!


The Freebooter’s Fate skirmish tabletop game is set in a tropical area far away from the human empire. Most of the action takes place in the harbour city of Longfall/ Puerto Alto. The city, originally founded as a trading post of the Imperial Armada, is in a constant state of unrest. Pirates infest the island, wreaking havoc with their nefarious dealings and internal rivalries. Goblins, recently freed from slavery, band together in large numbers and add to the chaos. Behind the scenes, the secret assassins’ organisation of the Brotherhood attempts to push its own agenda of re-establishing their preferred world order. The Amazons have left their native jungle to follow an old prophecy and the mystical Cult is boiling up from every dark nook and cranny to try and grab power for itself with the aid of mighty ghosts from a parallel realm, the so-called loas. Whose side are you gonna be on?

 The world

Despite portraying a world full of conflict and strife, the game’s background is frequently light and whimsical. Common pirate clichés abound (Arrr!) as do references to modern and not-all-that-modern pop culture. There is a definite tongue-in-cheek thing going on. More->



The game

Freebooter’s Fate sees two or more players facing each other with crews consisting of 4-12 characters each, fighting it out in scenario-based tabletop skirmishes. Each crew has a leader, a number of specialists – experienced, highly-skilled or otherwise outstanding individuals – and a bunch of deckhands to flesh out the numbers.

The average game lasts about 2 hours and is divided into several rounds, in which players take turns moving their characters. Play switches between crews after each individual character’s turn.

How to play Freebooter's Fate


Mechanics without dice

In contrast to most tabletop games, Freebooter’s Fate does not use dice. Instead, combat is resolved with the help of cards, specifically hit location cards and fate cards.

The attacker secretly chooses a certain number of cards from the 6 hit locations of head, torso, abdomen, legs, left arm and right arm while the defender does the same, both trying to anticipate the other’s choice. Different strategies of play turn this kind of combat into more than just a mere game of chance. Rather, the psychological elements make skill and cunning more importance than mere luck.

There is still an element of chance, however, in the form of the fate cards which feature various numerical values and symbols. They are used for determining damage and other chance-based effects, such as healing, falling off stuff, drowning in stuff and other such things. 


New gaming experiences

Freebooter’s Fate does not primarily focus on just hitting or shooting your opponent. A steadily growing pool of scenarios makes our game into more than just one big brawl repeated over and over. Hunting for treasure, rats or dodos, mystical conjuration rituals and of course attempting to stem the tide of invading zombie octopuses are just a few of the scenarios which make Freebooter’s Fate so special.


The miniatures

Freebooter Miniatures is the company owned by internationally renowned sculptor Werner Klocke. In addition to countless sculpts for nearly all the big names in the industry, he has been running his own company based on his personal series of miniatures for more than 10 years. He always dreamed of developing a game for those miniatures and Freebooter’s Fate is that dream come true. To this day, almost all of the game’s miniatures are shaped by his creative hands and are lovingly sculpted in a 32mm “scale” in the traditional way with plenty of attention to detail. This high quality is carried through to the material and the manufacturing process. All of our miniatures are made from metal and are produced in the EU in accordance with the strictest quality standards. The component parts of each miniature are manually sorted and checked to ensure that every single one is as close to the original as possible.

Each miniature is accompanied by a character card which lists the rules of the character in the game so you can field your miniature straightaway.


The crews

 When designing the crews, we took great care to give each of them their own general feel so that each would play differently than the others.

The Pirates

Driven by a sheer inexhaustible greed for riches and power (and rum), the Pirates have managed to establish themselves in former Puerto Alto and conquer a large part of the city. They are currently a major power. However, after the most powerful captains joined forces to drive the Imperial Armada into the jungle, cracks are beginning to appear in the façade of that fragile alliance. More->


The Imperial Armada

The Imperial Armada is fighting for its very survival in Longfall. The deal with the ELTC and the resulting ruinous rates for supplies are forcing it to act fast. Driven into the jungle by the pirates, they are getting pretty sick of life among the plants, have got themselves re-organised and are preparing to take back Longfall. More->




The Goblin-Pirates

Nobody took much notice of them while they were the Empire’s small, green, harmless and inconspicuous slave people. But then an orc taught them how to fight and they threw off the yoke of slavery. By now everybody knows to watch out for the Goblin Pirates. Most recently, they conquered one of Longfall’s outlying districts and declared this “Goblinopolis”, the capital of their goblin nation. More->


The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood’s assassins are making their sneaky, silent and allegedly righteous way through the city’s dark underbelly in order to bring peace and stability back to Longfall. They are just as adept at political intrigue as they are at sticking poisoned daggers into unsuspecting backs. More->


The Amazons

The Amazons are the embodiment of lethally graceful femininity. They have a close bond with their environment and live in harmony with the Earth Mother. Their home lies on a different island in a temple city surrounded by ruins, from where their hunters and warriors ventured forth in order to find and secure holy sites which had been lost to them. This does get them into conflict with the patriarchal civilization which dominates Longfall. More->

The Amazons first emerged from the jungle in the Deep Jungle expansion book.


The Cult

After the first big rift in the pirate captains’ alliance, Captain Asqueroso had turned towards the Cult. This organisation is controlled by the mystic Sybiline, who is guiding her followers to an as yet unknown goal. Since then, a steady stream of Cultists together with soulless Sansâmes and Cult-sympathising pirates has been emerging from Longfall’s dark corners, trying to grab power for the dark forces. More->

The Cult first saw the light in the Mystic Spirits expansion book.


The Mercenaries

Rumors abound in Longfall about secret treasures and vast hoards. Occasionally, individual, gold-hunting Mercenaries can be spotted in the ranks of some crews. These soldiers of fortune have usually been instructed by the ELTC to find the truth behind the rumors. Because there seems to be far too much smoke for there to be no fire, the ELTC is now assembling a crew of guns for hire to secure an early monopoly in the exciting new business area of natural resource relocation. More->

The East-Leoneran Trading Company became playable as a separate faction with the publication of the mercenary starter box. Rules for an all-mercenary crew can be found in Tales of Longfall 2 - Corporate Piracy.


Sounds great! How do I get in?

In order to play Freebooter’s Fate, you only need, in addition to a mate to play with, the basic rulebook, a set of playing cards, a tabletop and two starter boxes (different ones work best). Each starter box gives you enough characters for a crew worth about 300 doubloons.

Here you can find what you need to start!


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