All hands on deck!

Right, shore leave sis over, you bloody landlubbers. It’s full sails ahead again. But we have something for you to keep you motivated:


Chicomeh and Matqueh #3 are well-known Amazon deckhands. Every honour guard can draw from three different models now and Amazon players will have enough deckhands for their Battles! games.








4 Ground has given us a large City Watchtower. Now this impressive tower has come to our port, too.








Finally all Freebooter’s Fate Battles!-Fans get new free stuff to enjoy. At Wargame Vault we have made some very special Battles! scenarios available for you to download:
German version available now, English version soon to come. We'll tell you when the translation is finished.





All the above items are available now. Enjoy!

Your Freebooter Team



Ahoy water rats,

Hotness is the topic of the month. It is hot outside, most of the time also inside and even our news are hot-blooded!



Asquerosos Fugosas are Cult deckhands. They are already capable in melee, but when they got hurt, a hot blooded rage fuels them and they become pure melee monsters – and all this for just 45 doubloons hire fee. No Cult-player should hesitate to add them to his crew.






But there is another one for you. From now on you can get the “Tales of Longfall 1 – La Noche de Brujas” campaign booklet at Wargame Vault (for sale).

And finally there is something hot to look at. Dirk Stiller has painted Piccina and Sagitario for us and so you can have a look at them in full color now.









Have fun and stay tuned!

Your Freebooter Team

Ahoy rumble bunch,

In May you can a lot of new things this year.



Jamon Borodino is the final character released from the Mystic Spirits book. This specialist of the Armada is THE antagonist to the Brotherhood with a lot of abilities that help him to fullfill his duty.








Being done with Mystic Spirits makes way for some totally new characters, which will be released without a corresponding book or booklet for now. The first in this series is Kasper Boulott, a specialist of the Cult, whose mystic soup can heal his comrades and even give them additional vitality.






In addition a classic character of the collector's series has made her way to Freebooter's Fate. The former VAM 004 Lillith is now available as SOL 016 Lillith. Being a mercenary maystic with the power over the domain of death, she will be interesting for many non Imperial Armada players.

Those of you who already own this miniature can download her character card for free at Wargame Vault:
Rules of Lillith




We wish you a lot of fun with these new and exciting characters!

Your Freebooter Team

Ahoy fleet captains,


It is here:

The Freebooter’s Fate Battles! expansion card deck makes your Freebooter’s Fate games bigger, faster and more action-packed than ever before. In addition to a new attacking and invoking game mechanic, that is fully compatible with all existing rules, you will get new equipment, event and loa cards especially for your Battles! games – 140 cards of sheer pirate power!






In addition to that, all Brotherhood players get a little lady with a big “gun”. Piccina automatically makes a wait action at the end of her active phase, enabling her to react to an opponents action every round – and yes, she can pull the trigger of her gigantic crossbow with that reaction!






Both products are available now!

Your Freebooter Team

Website- and Shop Update – soon to come!

Ahoy pirate scum!

Each ship has to say farewell when it reached the end of its term of service. And so does this website, the forums and the online store. Since some weeks we are working hard on local servers. We are adjusting screws, test, adjust some screws again, retest everything, migrate data, accidentally lose data, find the data and store it in drawers.

You can see the result within the next weeks with 100% flavor and 50% more yeast. But we don’t want you to be groping in the dark, here are some information about the changes.

The Site

Expecting a spectacular, contemporary, extraordinary design? Sure that! Doh! And a search function FTW!

The Forums

Because our old forum software saw the light of the day together with Edward “Blackbeard” Teach, the last chance of data migration to a newer system was 1821. That’s why our goblin responsible for woodwork and computer science had to write a data migration script by himself. A restart using an empty forum is no option for us. Now we can import all users, threads and posts … just the uploaded photos will go down in the wake.

The Shop

Everything is new and so shiny! The new shop will feature the standard functions like “Me wants!” and “Give money!” but also shapely stuff like a wish list and related products.

The Password and other Sensitive Data

We might be pirates, but we aren’t villains! We can guarantee you that we acted very responsible while working on sensitive data. Because we don’t have, want or need any access to the clear text passwords, we just ask you to reset your password when logging in for the first time. Sounds fair, doesn’t it? Wink


Yes, you heard that right! There will be a community download area where you can upload all your house rules, self-tatted scenarios, campaigns, pepakura rum barrels and even blueprints for fake rubber hooks. Everything neatly sorted in categories. We will provide you a special fan-project package containing some guidelines and a special fan-project logo for you to use. Because we would like to control what gets uploaded on our servers, we will review each submission before publishing it.

We hope to see you soon on our new system!

Take care!

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