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ARRR and a bottle of rum


Werner Klocke

Captain, miniature sculpting, development of characters and rules, steering the ship

Aka “The Captain”. More than just a full-time sculptor, he is the CEO and founder of Freebooter Miniatures.



Pirate bride, admin, accounting, purchasing, supporting the webshop and its online customers, supporting all private and business customers

Has been on board the Freebooter Miniatures ship since 2008, back when Freebooter was “merely” a collector’s series. Back then she was responsible for everything except sculpting. 🙂


Florian Väth

Development of characters and rules, trade fairs, layout, head of Radio Longfall

Joined the crew in 2017, trying out as a rule tester. A mere year later, that was no longer enough for him and he started the world’s best (and only) Freebooter’s Fate podcast “Radio Longfall”.


Seeräuber Opa Fabian

Deck scrubber, community support, social media, website, online store, development of characters and rules, trade fairs

Born in ’82, washed up on Leonera around 2015. Has been labouring as a swabbie in the Captain’s crew, helping to develop the game and looking after the online stuff like the website, social media, and the community.


Hendrik Mell

Development of characters and rules, creating fluff, trade fairs, editing and copy editing, translation

Was shanghaied (actually weselt) by the team in 2009 to take part in a demo game and was so impressed that he stayed on.

Rose through the ranks to become First Mate and Fluffmaster (not a euphemism). Aficionado of the triple-nested subclause and the run-on sentence. Catch-phrases: “We can’t do it like that!” and “I have to reduce wordcount by how much?”


Trina Mell

English editing and copy editing, fluff, translation

Mistress of the zombie octopuses. General muse. Since joining the team in 2009, has used her expertise to ensure that Freebooter publishes proper English and balanced stories with properly-shaped apostrophes. Deleting rogue commas also a speciality.

Big fan of small pointy-eared green creatures who whack people over the head with blunt instruments. Not a big fan of subclauses being linked by “and” or by hyphens.

Gianna & Nik

Development of characters and rules, conventions, Chief Goblin (Nik), German-language proofreading

Nik has been part of Freebooter Miniatures since 2018, after being hired at Spiel Essen in the same year. Before the dreaded C-pandemic struck, he was responsible for recruiting new and passionate players for the game. He later joined the ranks of the landlubbers you see behind the counter at conventions.


Jochen Heidersdorf

Development of characters and rules, conventions, oracle of new ideas, MS Paint artist

The oldest file on his hard drive which has anything to do with Freebooter’s Fate dates from November 2007. So he reckons he’s been part of the crew for a while now.


Tassa & Birk

Development of characters, rules and fluff, conventions, German-language editing and copy editing, Excel doubloon sheet administrator

It was their snazzy LARP outfits which led to Birk and Tassa being brought on board as demo people shortly after Freebooter’s Fate was first released.


Pascal Pochiero

Website, online store, fan wiki, development of characters and rules, conventions

This page of the roster remains mysteriously empty so far.


Benevolent warehouse pixie

While in her mid-thirties, she joined the Freebooters in 2022.


Michael Hanisch

Michael “the handsome”

Development of characters and rules, trade fairs, and tournaments

Sergeant Michael climbed aboard as a huge fan of the Freebooters and has managed to achieve and maintain his rank thanks to his incredible knowledge of rules and fluff.