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Debonn is a region neighboring the imperial heartland whose main export seems to be political agitators. They are proud of their culinary achievements (wine, unusually shaped baked goods and a brown hot drink), their military tradition (grown out of armed cock-breeding clubs) and their cultural superiority oozing from every pore (their own assessment).

The Debonnese on Leonera are mostly political refugees who have banded together in exile to bring their national hobbies of political agitation and revolutionary upheaval to a wider audience. They take great care never to quite lose their native accent. Vive le Coq!


Challenge level

A Debonnese crew can hire the following number of characters from the different ranks:

  • 1 Leader
  • 1+ Deckhand characters
  • 0-1 Specialist for every two deckhand characters
  • 0-1 Mercenary. A mercenary takes up a specialist’s place.


After the last three revolutions, the camp for political prisoners on Desperance, secretly maintained by the Empire, was bursting at the seams with detainees. A mass breakout occurred. The next closest island turned out to be beautiful Leonera. Its countless factions, radical conflicts of interest and highly dynamic balance of power were a veritable paradise for the politically active Debonnese.

Before you knew it, they had their own streets full of charming little cafés, fashionable wineries, and illegal rooster-breeding associations. The Debonnese and their strange turns of phrase have been a fixture of Longfall culture ever since. They also made new friends during their escape journey: the Whaitaua. A proud, nature-loving people with whom they get along so well that they effectively see them as their own.


Rooster-breeding associations turned into regiments, regiments turned into guards, and each Debonnese still has at least one uniform in their old association colours in their cupboard. Debonn has always taken its inspiration from its big neighbour, the Empire, but has always added its own mark to that style. Hats are definitely a Debonnese favourite – the bigger, the better.

A crew from Debonn always looks a bit like the scattered remains of a grand army, with the allied Whaitaua and their largely-visible whole-body tattoos providing exotic accents in the ranks.



Like many of their clothes, much of the Debonnese arsenal hails from better times. Their muskets are heirlooms and museum pieces, their sabres of historical interest. They are obviously trying to copy the Imperial Armada but have to make do with what their very restricted budget allows them to field.

They have, however, made some innovations. Debonn has, for example, the only cavalry unit of the known world. And for the really rough stuff, their Whaitaua allies have strong arms and big clubs.


Debonnese learn military drill from a very young age – frequently under the seemingly harmless guise of rooster-breeding association activities. Debonn deckhands might not be the strongest individually, but can quickly assemble powerful formations which can be easily and effectively directed by their leaders across the battlefield. A well-led Debonn formation is stronger than the sum of its individuals.

A Debonn general must be able to skilfully combine such formations with the excellent close combat specialists (e.g. the guard of the many-times dethroned king) in order to be victorious on the battlefield.


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