8. December 2023



Difficulty level

  • 1 leader
  • 1+ deckhand characters
  • 0-1 specialist for every 2 deckhand characters
  • 0-1 mercenary. The mercenary takes up a specialist’s place.

Debonn is a region bordering on the Imperial heartland, whose main export appears to be political agitators. Having survived countless skirmishes and small wars resulting in frequently changing forms of government, political leaders and national anthems, the Debonnese are fairly critical towards anything that is not in line with tradition. You know, from back when the rooster breeder associations had their own regiments.

The prisoner camp on Desperance could not contain all the resulting political prisoners forever, and after a major breakout, the closest island turned out to be beautiful Leonera. Its many factions, competing interests and ever-changing balance of power made it a veritable paradise for the Debonnese. Slowly but surely, they managed to take over one of Longfall’s quarters, transforming it with dozens of small cafés, the occasional wine cellar and a vibrant yet illegal rooster-breeding scene.

Since then, the Debonnese and their idiosyncratic language have become a fixed part of the cityscape, even though they still cause plenty of eyerolling irritation. While they have adopted some of the local customs, the moment they open their mouth or step into a kitchen, they are clearly and unmistakably Debonnese.

While many may still belittle them with their dainty manners and strange clothing, you underestimate them at your own peril. Even without donning their much-worn rooster breeding uniforms from the good old days, a smartly-called order will have them stand to attention in orderly rank and file. Marche!, Turn!, Attendre!, Aim!, and Fire! Nobody can use their antique guns the way that they can. They can be very conservative about their equipment.

When the Empire counter-attacked and brought in reinforcements from the Motherland, the Debonnese had to bite the bullet and ally with the rumswillers, i.e. the pirates. Much as it irritates them to at least temporarily put aside their differences regarding food and drink.

You like a nice little red or aggressive roosters? Or are just happy when everybody jumps to your orders without talking back? Well, then bienvenue and vive la Debonn. Le coque est grand!

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