31. May 2023

FF041 Tales of Longfall #6, The Shadows, English edition

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The new crew is here – the shadows have fallen over Longfall! They squirm out of some gates to explore the town in secret and see a macaw of suspicion.

Imagine a swirling mass of darkness. Seemingly unstoppable it surges towards you and threatens to swallow everything! The streets of Longfall are shrouded in dark, impenetrable fog and the whole town is threatening to sink into chaos. And that’s because power-obsessed Brotherhood members and curious Amazons have opened two ancient doors a little further than is good. Doors to another world. A dark, formless, thoroughly evil world. Through this rift they emerge again, and the heroic efforts of a centuries-old secret society have been thwarted, for the shadows are back! And they are not kind. Suddenly the darkness on Leonera has become even more dangerous… 

The shadows are very faint and cannot stand much. Most of them, however, have two new traits that enable them to annoy the enemy for a very, very long time:

Shadow characters evaporate!
Shadow characters will not be eliminated at first, but will instead turn into wisps. These are weak and cannot attack themselves – but they can help! In the further course of the game, for example, two wisps can merge with each other and thus change back into a complete shadow deckhand character.

The shadow force
This is a pool of Shadow points that is present at the beginning and replenishes itself through certain events, such as taking out an opponent, critical hits, etc. Shadow force can be used to improve or even “create” actions, properties of a shadow character. For this purpose, an increase with shadow force – similar to an event card – is paid directly before a part of an action. An example would be a pistol that is immediately loaded with Shadow force, fires and thereby also increases its range, and then, after a hit, could also increase its RAV.

In “Tales of Longfall #6: Shadows” you will find all the rules, new special rules and traits, a dark bunch of new shadow characters and a first “shadow scenario” to start right away.

Softcover A4 with 36 pages, English language version.

In order to use the content of the book, the FF 023 Freebooter’s Fate rule book and the FF 025 Gaming cards # 2 are needed

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