3. October 2023

LIM 020 Anqui

12,90  inkl. MwSt

Out of stock


Sculpted by Werner Klocke, painted by Sascha Bernhardt.

Limited to 1,000 castings. Only while stocks last.

The sisters were always in her ears to use “quiet” weapons. And even if she had some skill for it, she was never really happy with bow and arrow – much too little PENG! And one day, after a robbery, she found her Arquebus with the silvery shining barrel. Without thinking, she took it and disappeared into the jungle…

Anqui is an Amazon with a penchant for black powder weapons and earns her living as a mercenary. She fights for all crews – even for her sisters – when she is quiet.

Book: none

This year: 85 Doubloons
Number per team: 1
Parts: 4
Total height:  37/31 mm

The figure is delivered unpainted and in individual parts and has yet to be assembled. It comes with all character cards needed for Freebooter’s Fate.

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