SPE 002 Wolfgang’s Mortar School



Sculpted by Werner Klocke and Krysa Project, painted by Sascha Bernhardt and Ilya Zimin

Exam day at Wolfgang’s mortar school is a szenario pack for 2-6 pupils to learn the hallowed art of lobbing explodiing things at suff. Quick results are guaranteed – it’s exam day already!


Wolfgang is a Mercenary and a Specialist for Pirates, who will not fight for the Amazons or Brotherhood.

Squawk is a Specialist for Goblin- Pirates.

Book: Die Mannschaften FF 035

Hire Fee: each 70 Doubloons
Max. Number per Crew: 1
Parts: each 5
Overall Height: Wolfgang 38mm, Squawk 34mm
Height (Head to Toe): Wolfgang 29mm, Squawk 24mm



Wolfgang and Squawk with their character cards

4 Equipment cards for the hand-help mortar to equip the pupils with

24 markers for dodos, zombie-octopuses and sanâmes

detailed rule book


Exam day at Wolfgang’s mortar school is an expansion for Freebooter’s Fate. The rulebook FF 002 and a set of playing cards FF 003 are needed to use the contents of this szenario.

It is supplied as an unpainted kit and requires assembly.

Additional information

Weight 22.9 kg

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